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Choosing the Best Router – What to Keep in Mind

It is essential that you have prior knowledge about what wireless router is all about before you proceed with certain features of the best routers available in the market. If you are wondering what is the main function of a wireless router then reading further would be necessary. Through the routers a number of devices are able to connect with each other more so this is also directly connected with modem used in your home or office. Internet connectivity and routers are often associated which each other. The routers used nowadays are no longer those wired routers there are now those wireless that are still connected to the internet. If you plan to purchase wireless routers then you must be aware of its other features aside from its capacity to provide wireless internet connection. Luckily, this article contains the most common aspects that you must consider before purchasing a wireless router as well as its basic features.

Range – When you talk about range, this refers to the distance by which the signal from the router can cover, this is usually in feet. Since the measurement is taken in a lab set up the range usually decreases as it is tried in a real life setup, for instance in one’s home or office. There are also other factors that affect the range of the router; this includes interference coming from the baby monitors, cordless telephones to the actual position of the router. The most ideal range would be approximately 150 feet inside your home considering your home possess the normal household conditions. You must also consider the type of antenna use since this could affect the range too.

Type of wireless router: Some wireless router are single band while others are dual band, you may have come across with these words as you search for the best wireless router, online or not. The band refers to the frequency that is released by the wireless router. As for the frequency, it could be 2.4 or 5 GHz. For dual band wireless routers they can broadcast signals using both of the said wireless frequency bands. Without a doubt the use of a dual band wireless router is preferable since the signal it emits is more stable and higher quality too. But of course even if the dual band router can provide a number of options to get the right signal still the single band router with 5 GHz is something more. Those are just the common features that you must never forget when it comes to purchasing a wireless router; keep in mind that the not being able to find the right router would mean less progress. If you want to know more about the best routers then you can search for Teldat routers online.

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