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The Different Kinds of Gloves Used In Boxing

Boxing gloves exist in very many types and forms. They vary in size shape and weight. Choosing the wrong grove may prove to be a costly mistake. The purpose for the glove is one of the many guiding factors in choosing the best boxing glove to purchase. Highlighted herein are some of the kinds of boxing available that boxers can buy based on the purpose of use.

Gloves used to hit bags. These are gloves that are meant to protect your hand and not what you are hitting. These gloves are majorly for punching into the training aids in a training session. Knuckles are supposed to be protected by such gloves from the heavy impact generated from punching into heavy bags.

Gloves used in spar training. These gloves are meant to protect you and your sparring partner from getting hurt. They are meant to enhance skills and not kick out your partner. These gloves, unlike the competition gloves, are more padded to prevent injury. They are recognized due to the protection is given to both the knuckles and the wrist. These gloves are heavier than most of the other gloves hence they help in building strength and enhancing endurance more so to the shoulders.

Gloves used in training sessions. Very few boxers do not have this type of gloves. They are made to fit all the training needs. However it is quite hard to find a perfect glove that will meet all the training needs. Some of the gloves will not be soft enough for sparring or hard enough for bag hitting. These gloves are common with boxers that are new in the game.

Competition gloves These are the gloves used for fights. Mostly these gloves are used by the boxing professionals. These gloves have less padding to ensure that the entire impact lands on the opponent. These gloves are only supposed to be used for fights and not any other purpose. They can cause hand injuries if used for different purposes such as hitting the bag. A boxer will spend more to purchase these gloves than any other type of gloves.

Cardio gloves. These are specialized gloves for soft bag hitting as a form of working out. They are heavily padded to ensure that they absorb heavy impact. These gloves can only be used for limited time in mainstream boxing; hence those new boxers are discouraged from using them. They are the least padded as compared to the other boxing gloves hence their short life.

Kick boxing gloves. These type of gloves are slowly gaining popularity. These gloves are similar to most of the other types of gloves. However, they are more flexible to enable the fighter to grab their opponent in a fight.

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