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Law needs to be obeyed in every nation. A country is able to live harmoniously, when there are stipulated laws. Laws in every region are created for their citizens to submit.Failure to obey the law comes with different penalties depending on the extent of damages caused. In order for a country’s citizens to live in unity, there is need to obey the law. The following are the reasons why law is important in a society.

When criminal activities are done to people, the law is able to defend them.This is one of the basic functions of the rule of law in any country which is to protect its people from evil. This is done by prosecuting the criminals in front of a court. In the courts, criminals are prosecuted and if proved guilty they are charged accordingly. Duration of the sentence differs depending on the severity of crime but it can range from few days to several years.

Community courts are also important for settling clashes among their members. This is because it is common for people living together to disagree on various matters.Rather than take such disputes to a high court, such cases are resolved in the county or community level. Sometimes, a community may create the local laws in order to deal with the prevalent crimes.When such laws are in place, people will be discouraged from taking matters into their own hands since that is also punishable by law.

Law helps to protect the common good of the people. When there is a penalty for wrongdoers, people will be discouraged to engage in criminal activities. Nevertheless, people would get involved in crime carelessly when there is no punishment for it.Therefore, just by the fact that there is law in place, people will tend to be careful in their deeds.The hand of the law which is invisible will keep them on track.

The law is useful in dividing community resources among the locals. It creates equality among all people living in a community despite their age, income or status.People living with disability also become beneficiaries of such projects since they may not manage on their own. Therefore, there will be few or no cases of property fights since every member of the society will have their share.

With the rule of law, peace is maintained in a country or community. Law ensures that people do not engage in activities that disrupt peace. They will avoid getting punished by law.Law, therefore, encourages people to do the right things all the time.That is why many communities have moral laws to discourage their people from immoral acts.

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